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With your website, I want you to think of what do you want

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Also, if you’re playing with the DLC, make sure you’re prepared

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It starts with the head turning first one way, then another

Perhaps the most important consideration for planning your 5K is the location. A good location will attract more people, period. That’s why the most popular marathons are held in beautiful big cities around the world. And their solution to fix all of these injuries? The next day they pretend it never happened. Deeply hurt, deeply affected by everything said and done, yet they simply pretend that it never happened. They will, however, remind each other of what was said and done the next time they get hurt again.

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If you’ve ever been saddled with eyeglasses so thick that the lenses look like Coke bottles glasses, you’ve probably considered LASIK surgery (laser assisted in situ keratomileusis, to give it its full name), a fast, safe procedure that began proliferating throughout the United States in the 1990s. In just a few minutes, LASIK can correct eye problems like myopia (nearsightedness you can only see up close), hyperopia (farsightedness you can only see far away) and astigmatism (blurred vision). But some patients notice that months or years later their vision seems to worsen again.

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But 15 years ago so much attention wasn’t paid to Royal safety

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If they have their own agenda because their employer is a

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Science, once prized, is now regularly rejected in favour of puerile superstition. So, as the Kerala flood raged, you have Mr S Gurumurthy, chartered accountant and part time director of the RBI, commenting that it could be a fallout of the Sabarimala controversy. This clearly amounts to spreading disinformation to create public panic, but it’s the sort of simplistic moral lesson that’s all the rage today.

She later became the LDZ Secretary of State while she attended

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